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Biol 1002 Ch 24 Test 3 (Got A+ on the test)

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1002

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Chapter 24 The ChordatesThe last group of animals features four new characteristicsNerve cordLies above the digestive tract on the upper dorsal portion of body unlike other animals Fig 2311Becomes thick at one end anterior that will become the brainNotocordA stiff but flexible rod running the length of the body between the digestive tract and nerve cordProvides support but in many its only present in early development until skeleton takes over Gill slitsIn some slits form gillsIn others only present in early embryonic developmentTailsPosterior extension that continues past the anusFigure 242The organisms with these and other features are theChordatesPhylum Chordata3 CladesTunicatesLancelets figure 243Craniates almost all are vertebratesOther features of the ChordatesCephalizationSegmentation reduced but presentClosed circulatory system Excretory systemWelldeveloped nervous systemIncludes groups that haveNo skeletoninvertebrate Fig 241Few elements of cartilage jawless fish Hagfish Lack jawsGrind and tear food wtonguelike structure wteethNo bertebral column backbone
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