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Biol 1002 Ch 31 Test 3 (aced the test and got 96%)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1002
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Chapter 31 Homeostasis and the Organization of the Animal BodyNormal body temperature range 97 degrees F to 99 degrees FAbove 104 F people get confused and may faint brain cells dieHow does your body maintain such a stable temperatureWhats comingHomeostasis How Do Animals Regulate Their Internal Environment How Is the Animal Body Organized Homeostasis How Do Animals Regulate Their Internal Environment If the internal environment deviates from a narrow range of acceptable states the cells of animals bodies cannot survive Homeostasis is how an organism maintains its internal environment within a narrow range of conditions for optimal cell function despite the external environment The body actively adjusts to ongoing internal and external changes to maintain constant conditionsDynamic constancyThe following are regulated by homeostatic mechanismsTemperature Water and salt concentrations Glucose concentrationspH acidbase balanceOxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations Why are cells so pickyAnimal cells produce and use lots of ATPTo produce ATP continuous supplies of highenergy molecules primarily glucose and O are required 2SO energy production is why glucose and oxygen levels are importantALSOEach of the reactions for producing ATP is catalyzed by a proteinProteins structures are maintained by hydrogen bonds which can be disrupted if the environment is too hot salty acidic or basicMaintaining these bonds helps explain the requirement for a narrow range of temperature pH and salt Animals groups are not all alike in their homeostatic abilities
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