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Biol 1002 Chapter 23 Test 2 (got 94% in the course)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1002
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Chapter 23 Invertebrate Animals Part 1Key features of animalsEukaryoticMulticellularHeterotrophicEat ingest other organismsSexual reproduction No cell wall Are motileRespond rapidly to external stimuliIn addition to these characteristics as animals evolved they developed more complex and organized bodiesSome of these increases in complexity and organization arecellular specializationbody planvertebrate vs invertebratecephalizationbody cavity ex Coelomsegmentationinternal systems ex digestive systemCephalization is the concentration of nervous tissue including a brain and sensory organs into a defined region head of the bodySegmentation is a body design in which similar repeating units are present ex Earth wormThese and other characteristics are used to define the phyla of animals Table 231 Phyla Porifera Cnidaria Playyhelminthes Annelida Mollusca Anthropoda Nematoda EcinodermataCellular specialization leads to the development of tissues which then can lead to the combination of tissues into an organOrgans may then become arranged into organ systemsTissues are specialized cells with a common structure and function that are grouped togetherOrgans are centers of bodily function which are usually made up of different tissues
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