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Exam 2 Review (Got A+ on the test)

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1002

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ViroidsIEven smaller and simpler than virusesaFragments of singlestranded RNA with no protein coatbHijack cells infects primarily plant cells including citrus tree potatoes avocadoscPrions IIProtein particle with no genetic material no DNA or RNAaMad cow disease creutzfeldtjakob disease and kurubPrions consist of a protein that is folded incorrectly and makes other proteins flod cwrongProkaryotes all prokaryotes are microbesIIIBacteria and archea domainsa8000 species described may be 1001000x that numberbst1 organism to appear on earth 35 billion years ago cCell walldSemi rigidiPermeableiiMade of peptidoglycaniiiCarbohydrate with amino acids attachedivGives bacteria shapesvShapeseBacillirod shapediCoccisphere shapediiSpirilla spiral shapediiiCapsules and slime layersfCapsuleiHighly organized firmly attached to cell wall1Slime layeriiLess organized loosely attached to cell wall1PiliiiiHair like structures on surface of bacteria which aid in attachment1Rotating flagella ivEndospore gProtective resting structures bacteria surrounded by durable cell wall iresistant to extreme conditionsReproductionhAsexual in the form of binary fissioniProkaryotes generally have circular chromosomesiiEukaryotes have linear chromosomes iiiEukaryotes use mitosis and miosisivProkaryotes use nuclear fissionvSexual in the form of conjugation using plasmidsviEnergy sourcesiAutotrophs using photosynthesis or chemosynthesisiHeterotrophs including symbiotesiiCause diseasesjGonorrhea syphilis tuberculosis lyme diseasei
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