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Biol 1002 Ch 23 Part 2 Test 3 (got the best grade in class)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1002
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Chapter 23 Invertebrate Animals Part twoTapeworms Hookworms Liver flukesMany animals with bilateral symmetry also have some type of coelomCoelom is the body cavity that is between the digestive system and the body wall3 main character types of body cavities1No coelom no space between tissue from the endoderm and mesoderm2Pseudocoelom have body cavities that are not fullylined with tissue from the mesoderm3True coelom has a fullylined cavity from the mesodermBody cavities Fig 233One of Lophotrochozoans groups Annelids or Segmented Worms exhibits a coelom and segmentationSegmentation allows for more complex movement because the body compartments are each controlled by separate musclesCoelomates those that have coelomAnnelids arthropods mollusks echinoderms and chordatesSegmented worms or Annelids Phylum AnnelidaTrue coelomSegmentationClosed circulatory system with 5 hearts Advanced excretory system with kidneylike nephridiaAnnelids or segmented worms include Oligochaetes Polychaetes and Leeches Earthworman annelid Fig 23115 Hearts are specialized blood vessels that contract rhythmicallyEarthworms are DetritivoresReferring to earthworms impact on agriculture Darwin said it may be doubted whether there are many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the worldEarthworms have a hydroskeleton is a structure consisting of a fluidfilled cavity the coelom surrounded by musclesThe pressure of the fluid and action of the surrounding muscles are used to change an organisms shape and produce movement such as burrowing and swimmingBlood is filtered and wastes excreted by nephridiaPolychaetes live in the ocean mostlyFeathery gills exchange gases and filter for foodLeeches are either carnivorous or parasitic
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