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BIOL 1002 General Biology FINAL Pretest Questions

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1002
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1What are the characteristics of the circulatory pattern in fish and humansaChoices deal with whether or not the aerated blood goes straight into the tissue or whether it goes back to the heart first2What increases the left ventricle musculature hypertrophyaChoices were like high or low and the systematic blood pressure or artiole blood pressure3Blood enters theand exits the aKnow the heart pump system ITS GONNA TELL YOU WHERE YOURE STARTING FROM4Adult females need more iron than males aChoices were menstruation they have more red blood cells 5Special respiratory structures that insects haveaAir bags tracheads 6Pathway of air into the bodyaNose trachea bronchioles alveoli7Events that occur during inhalation OR EXHALATIONaIts asking if the diaphragm contracts or relaxes and if the rib muscles contract or relax8How is carbon dioxide carried through the bloodaAttached to hemoglobinbBy red blood cellscBICARABONATE IONS9Shows a hemoglobin dissociation curve of a normal patient the asks which curve is the one of a patient suffering with acidosis low pHMINE JUST ASKED A QUESTION ABOUT IT10Clotting process know what needs to be present for it to happen11All respiratory systems mustbe large compared to the animals they are in aAsks true or false and has examples behind it
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