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BIOL 1002 General Biology Exam Questions

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 1002

Exam Questions 2 Which is a correct statement concerning the insect circulatory system A The circulating fluid bathes tissues directly B Blood is always contained in a system of tubes called tracheae C Blood transports oxygen and nutrients to all the tissues D There is no heart or pump E There is no blood or circulating fluid Answer A Topic Concept 421 Skill Comprehension 3 Organisms in which a circulating body fluid is distinct from the fluid that directly surrounds the bodys cells are likely to have A an open circulatory system B a closed circulatory system C a gastrovascular cavity D branched tracheae E hemolymph Answer B Topic Concept 421 Skill Comprehension7 Which of the following are the only vertebrates in which blood flows directly from respiratory organs to body tissues without first returning to the heart A amphibians B birds C fishes D mammals E reptiles Answer C Topic Concepts 421 422 Skill Comprehension9 A human red blood cell in an artery of the left arm is on its way to deliver oxygen to a cell in the thumb From this point in the artery how many capillary beds must this red blood cell pass through before it returns to the left ventricle of the heart A one B two C three D four E five Answer B Topic Concept 422 Skill Application11 Chambers or vessels that carry oxygenated blood include which of the following A 1 and 2 only B 3 and 4 only C 5 and 6 only D 1 2 and 4 E 3 5 and 6 Answer E Topic Concept 422 Skill Knowledge 12 Blood is carried directly to the lungs from which of the following A 2 B 3 C 4 D 5 E 6 Answer C Topic Concept 422 Skill Knowledge13 What is the correct sequence of blood flow beginning at the pulmonary artery A 214systemic circulation356 B 356systemic circulation214 C 4563systemic circulation21 D 4systemic circulation21635 E 563214 Answer C Topic Concepts 421 422 Skill KnowledgeKNOW HOW THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM AND THE HEART FLOW20 Why is the velocity of blood flow the lowest in capillaries A The capillary walls are not thin enough to allow oxygen to exchange with the cells B Capillaries are far from the heart and blood flow slows as distance from the heart increases C The diastolic blood pressure is too low to deliver blood to the capillaries at a high flow rate D The systemic capillaries are supplied by the left ventricle which has a lower cardiac output than the right ventricle E The total surface area of the capillaries is larger than the total surface area of the arterioles Answer E Topic Concept 423 Skill Comprehension
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