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BIOL 1002 General Biology Exam 1 Notes

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 1002

Exam 1 Gregg1Descent with Modification A Darwinian View of Life Ch 22What is Evolution and Adaptation 2 main ideasoEvolution two main ideas1 Change over time of the genetic composition of a population2 Decent of modern organisms with modification from preexisting organismsoEvolutionary AdaptationAccumulation of inherited characteristics that enhance organisms ability to survive in specific environmentsPreDarwinian Theory of EvolutionoLamarck turned out to be wrongUse and disuseBodies of living organisms are modified through the use of disuse of partsInheritance of acquired characteristicsThese modifications are inherited by offspringEvolution by Natural SelectionoDarwin and Wallace developed the theory independentlyDarwinvoyage of the BeagleWallacenaturalists in IndonesiaNatural SelectionoThe unequal survival and reproduction of organisms due to environmental forces resulting in the preservation of favorable adaptationsoProcess selects from what is available in the gene pooloNew characteristics are not created on demand oMechanism bottom to topArtificial SelectionoSelective breeding of organisms to encourage the occurrence of desirable traitsoAnalogous to natural selectionExamples of Natural Selection figure 2213 a and b
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