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1201 Exam Review (Got A+ on the test)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1201
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Biology Final Questions1Weakest bondhydrogen 2Action pot Uses channels before pumps3Hyper K 4DepolNa5Hormones all of the following true except my answer was communication from organism to organism6Target cells have specific receptors only cells with receptors for a particular secreted molecule are target cells7Sensory adaptationthe tendency for sensory neurons to become less sensitive when stimulated repeatly8In a voltage gated K channel there aregates 19In voltage gated Na how many gates are there 210Krebs cycle substrate level ATP Glycolysis substrate level Electron transport chainoxidative phosphorylation11Glycolysis takes place in thecytoplasm Kreb cycle takes place in the mito chondrial matrix in eukaryotes and cytosol of prokaryotes Electron transport chainin eukaryotes inner membrane of mitochondria and in prokaryotes it takes place in plasma membrane12Photosynthesis something in the beginning of the picture where light strikes photosystem II13Where is the pituitary gland located Chest top of throat above kidney In the back of the brain14Chemical signaling in plants work in choices antagonistic pairs other pairs15Leg pic from online quiz motor neuron sensory neuronpg 106616What is the longest part of a neuron Axon Dendrites17What makes up the CNS Brain and spinal cord spinal nerves motor and sensory neurons all of the above18Phenotypic ratio of Dd Ff X dd Ff what percentage of offspring will have dd Ff 1419If two pea seeds are heterozygous to dominant yellow pea seeds what is the expected ratio for the offspring to have yellow green 31
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