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Biological Sciences
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Chapter 11 What are two types of inquiry used in scienceWhat is the predominant way that conclusions are reached in each type Types approaches to conclusionsDiscovery conclusions based on induction hypothesisbased conclusions based on deduction2 You come home at night unlock your front door flip the light switch but you observe the light does not work One practical question that comes from this observation is why doesnt the light come onWhat is a hypothesis and how does it relate to your question Give at least two hypotheses that would answer the original question How would you test each hypothesisA hypothesis is a plausible explanation for your original observation or questionPossible hypothesesthe light bulb is burned out the light switch is broken the power to the house is offNumber 1replace the bulb with a new bulbNumber 2replace the switch with a new oneNumber 3check to see if power is off to other electrical appliancesEtc3 So in question two you formulated hypotheses for your original observation and you tested your hypothesesWhat else would be required by scientists to establish your conclusions You would need to write up your experiments and the resultsYou would need to submit them to peer review in a journalYour manuscript would have to be approved by the reviewers and the journal4 Be able to differentiate between a prokaryotic cell and a eukaryotic cell anaerobic and aerobic respiration autotrophic and heterotrophic feedingCell type prokaryotic or eukaryoticProkaryotic cells lack a nucleus and organelles except ribosomes Eukaryotic cells possess a nucleus diverse organelles and are on the order of 10 times the size of prokaryotic cells B Type of metabolism aerobic or anaerobicOxygen is required for the breakdown of carbon compounds to produce energy in aerobic respiration Whereas anaerobic respiration takes place in the absence of oxygenC Manner in which food is acquired autotrophic or heterotrophicAutotrophic organisms can convert light energy into chemical energyWhile heterotrophic organisms must get their energy from consumption of other organismsChapter 21 What are the different levels of the hierarchal classification systemIn general which level contains the most organismsWhich level contains the fewest LevelsDomain Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Higher levels generally contain more species the levels below themOverall Domains have the most and obviously Species have the least2 What major feature do members of the Domain Bacteria and the Domain Archaea have in commonHow can Bacteria be differentiated from ArchaeaBoth Bacteria and Archaea are single celled and prokaryotic cells lack nuclei and most other organelles Bacteria possess cell walls with peptidoglycans Archea do notBacteria are susceptible to antibiotics like streptomycin and chloramphenicolArchaea are not3 What are the four general groups of organisms found in the Domain EukaryaHow can these groups be differentiated What are two examples from each of the groups of organisms found in the EukaryaEukarya contain protists fungi plants and animals Protists are diverse and largely single celled Fungi are multicellular heterotrophic usually with a cell wall and are heterotrophic parasites and saprophyteesPlants are multicellular with cell walls and are mostly autotrophicAnimals are multicellular lack cell walls and are heterotrophic4 When approximate time before present were the following events thought to occur during the earths historyorigin of life prokaryotes dominate eukaryotic life begins multicellular eukaryotes appear land is colonized by plants fungi and animals 3 54 0 BYAOrigin of Life
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