BIOL 1202 Chapter 26 & 27 Review

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1201
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Bio 1202Chapter 2627 reviewPhylogenyPhylogenyevolutionary history of a species or group of related speciesSystematics analytical approach to understanding the diversity and relationships of organismsThe process of building phylogenetic treesTaxonomyordered division of organisms into categories based on a set of characteristics used to asses similarities and differencesDescribing new species and classifying themBinomial NomenclatureDeveloped by Carl LinnaeusEvery species has a binomial nameoGenusSpeciesoAlways italicizedoSpecies namenever capitalizedHomo sapiensHierarchical ClassificationThis binomial naming system fits in a scheme of larger categoriesMnemonic devices really help with remember the classification system Kingdom PhylumClassOrderFamilyGenusSpeciesKings Play Chess On Fine Grain SandDont forget that domains are now added in above the kingdom levelTrees are built with homologiesHomologytraits shared between taxa due to a common ancestorAnalogysimilar traits shared due to convergent evolution not in a common ancestoroIn phylogenetic can also be called homoplasyHomologies usedMorphological characteristics that are conserved through time can be usedoSkeletal muscular etcMolecular systematics uses DNA sequences as its statement of homologyCladisticsCladea grouping of individuals or species or higher groups based on shared characteristicsocontains ancestor and all descendantsMust be monophyleticMust distinguish betweenoShared derived characters
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