BIOL 1202 Chapter 23

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1201

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1Bio 1202CHAPTER 23The Evolution of Populations Evolution and populationRemember that evolution is the change in gene frequencies in the populationPopulation Populations are the smallest relevant evolutionary unitindividuals dont evolveevolution measured by change in populationevolution acts only on heritable traitsPopulations show variationsSome variation is the result of heritable changes mutation andor genetic recombination and some variations is nonheritable see fig 233Variation between populationsPopulation of the same organism can show variationsThis population variation can often be geographic The variation between populations can be discrete or continualFrequently continual variation in a population will exist as a cline see fig 235 ClineThe integration of Darwinism evolution and Mendelism geneticsWhen the field of evolution and the study of populations merged with genetics the science of population genetics was formedpopulation is the unit of evolutionnatural selection is the primary mechanism for evolutionary changePopulation genetics A population has a genetic structure defined by its gene poolThe genes in a population make up the gene pool for that population
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