BIO 1202 Chapter 29

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BIOL 1201

1Bio 1202CHAPTER 29Plant Diversity IHow plants colonized landLand plants evolved from green algaeCharophytes have been identified as the closest relatives of land plantsShared characteristics includecellulose synthesizing protein complexes see fig 292peroxisome enzymesstructure of flagellated spermformation of phragmatoplasts preceding cell plate formationThe charophytes and plant share some common traits however there are some major differencesThe algae traits includeMost or all of life cycle in water Tidal formsNo vascular tissueNo leaves stomata or cuticleVariation in dominant form of the life cycleIn some sporophyte is dominant In some gametophyte is dominantSporophyte and gametophyte can beHeteromorphic or IsomorphicHeteromorphic Isomorphic There are four derived trait which appear in some maybe most land plantsAlternation of generations and multicellular dependent embryosApical meristems Walled spores produced in sporangiaMulticellular gametangiaMost plants go through a life cycle that involves an alternation of generations see fig 136bIn this life cycle the diploid phase produces a sporophyte that produces haploid spores by meiosisThe spores grow into the gametophyte that produces gametesThese gametes fuse during fertilization to form a diploid zygote that then grows into another sporophyte In addition to the characteristics note above the plant kingdom shows a range of traits that appeared as plants made the transition from their origins in water onto the land
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