BIO 1202 Chapter 36

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Biological Sciences
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1Bio 1202CHAPTER 36Resource Acquisition and Transport in Vascular PlantsAdaptations for acquiring resources were key steps in the evolution of vascular plantsThe broad category of nutrition includes all of the materials and energy needed for an organism to live and reproduceThe materials required for life are nutrientsNutrition in all organisms involves four main stepsAcquisition of nutrientsDigestion if requiredDistribution of nutrients throughout the bodySynthesis of molecules for the organisms bodyPlants and animals get their nutrition differently PLANTSANIMALSStarting materialElements and small moleculeslarge organic moleculesRequired to break large molecules DigestionUsually nonedown to building blocksDriven by osmosis and DistributionPumping mechanism for mostevaporationSynthesis of moleculesCan do it allMust acquire some through dietPlants acquire all their nutrients from soil minerals water hydrogen and oxygen or air CO 2Transport in vascular plants occurs on three scales1 Transport of water and solutes by individual cells2 Shortdistance transport of substances from cell to cell at the level of tissues and organs3 Longdistance transport bulk flow within xylem and phloemTransport of water by osmosis and solutes by diffusion or active transport by individual cells occurs via a transmembrane routePlasma membrane controls movement of solutes into and out of the cellPassive transportFacilitated diffusionusing transport proteinsCotransportActive transportConcentration of solutes controls the movement of water
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