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Biol 1202 Exam 1 Notes (highest grade in class)

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 1202

Biology1202Section005Notes1162013Mastering Biology Course ID MBPOLLOCK01639 Quizzes on Moodle2History of Life on Earth3 Domains Eukaryote BacteriaArchaic Bacteria and Archaic belong to ProkaryotesAs time goes alongEukaryotes archaicBacteriaArchaic and BacteriaBacteriaDifference bw Hypothesis and TheoryHypothesis consists either of a suggested explanation for an observable phenomenon or of a reasoned proposal predicting a possible causal correlation among multiple phenomenaTheory a wellsubstantiated unifying explanation for a set of verified proven hypothesesYou can date the moon because its corecrust doesnt recycle like the earths does 446 Billion yearsMiller and UreyWanted to know what earth looked like before organismsPut together what they thought was the gases of the earlier atmosphereNothing living came out Failed experimentElectric spark generates lightning simulationPurified water was boiled and condensed into organic moleculesTheory of Evolution through Natural SelectionWhen life appeared through time it began to change for over 4 billion years100 billion species on planet todayAll related probiotic soupHow did life beginA few centuries ago People thought that new living things just appeared all of the timeSpontaneous Generation RefutedBiology1202Section005NotesMid1800s Louis PasteurExperimentBroth in flask is boiled to kill preexisting microorganismsAs broth cooled condensing water collected sealing the mouth of the flaskNeck is later broken off outside air can carry microorganisms into brothLife came from the air Bacteria viruses bugs disease polled etcConditions on Early EarthAtmosphere1CO2 CH4 NH3 H2 N2 HCl H2S H2OSimilar to Jupiter today2No free oxygen3Frequent storms w lots of lightening4Frequent volcanic eruptions5Frequent meteor impacts6UV light from the sun7No Ozone LayerEarth Before Life Arose1Earth46 BYORadiometric dating of meteoritesmoon rocks2Life arose about 38 BY agoChemical traces in rocks 38 BYFossil bacteria in rocks 35 BYNo spontaneous generation now but MUST HAVE HAPPENED thenRate of Decay of K40 to Ar40125 BY for half of Potassium 40 to turn into Argon 40How to assemble a Living Thing1Accumulation of organic molecules2Catalyze reactions peptide bondsenzymesProteins and some RNAs3Reproduces from stored genetic info4Separate the living thing from the outside environment
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