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BIOLOGY 1202 FINAL (got 93% on the test)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1202
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Final ExamChapter 38Plants want to be pollinatedthats how fertilization and therefore reproduction occursSo any plant that is better at getting pollinated will have more offspring and so more will be present in next generation etcBecause of this plants are ready to pay to be pollinated and they pay in the form of nectar or the loss of some pollenBut plants want to be sure that theyre getting what they pay for so they develop traits that attract specific kinds of animals and not others so the animals will be more likely to carry the pollen to another flower of the same speciesAnd also ways to be sure that pollen is carried off on the animalFor example if a plant wants bees it will smell nice and frequently will have ultraviolet markings and small tubular flowersPlant Reproduction and Development Asexual Reproduction Totipotent those parts of a plant that can regenerate a whole new plantBy fragmentation either naturally runners or artificial clippingsRunner strawberries130 million years ago there were no flowering plantsSexual ReproductionCombines genes from 2 different parents offspring genetically different Selfincompatibility SI is a general name for several genetic mechanisms in angiosperms which prevent selffertilization and thus encourage outcrossing
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