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Biol 1202 Exam 2 Notes (got 93% on the test)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1202
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Biology 1202 Section 005 Exam 2 Notes1020613Phylogeny and Systematics5 Kingdom classification systems in use through the late 1900sMonera Protista Plantae Fungi AnimaliaThey share homologous structuresPlantmulticellular Eukaryotic organism that can do photosynthesisFungusmulticellular organism that feeds through absorptionAnimalmulticellular Eukaryote that feeds through ingestionOutdated system Protists are eukaryotes multicellular Prokaryotes are smaller and unicellularThis outdated system gave way to Waeses Domains3 Domain SystemBacteria Archaea EukaryaAll living organisms use a process to make proteinDNArRNA 1 amino acid1 amino acidpeptide bondUsing DNA sequencing we can find differences within the ribosomal RNA sequences of speciesArchaeas rRNA sequencing is more closely related to EukaryaBiology 1202 Section 005 Exam 2 Notes2Eukarya is more closely related to Archaea then to Bacteria Scientists believe that the Protistan Kingdom belongs to be spread out through other Eukaryote KingdomsBasic Backbone behind Modern Taxonomic ClassificationThanks to LenausTaxon taxathe named taxonomic units at any level in this taxonomic hierarchyPantheragenuspardusspecific epithet that refers to one species in the genus PantheraDomain EukaryaKingdom AnimaliaPhylum ChordataClass MammilaOrder CarnivoreFamily FelidaeGenus PantheraSpecies least inclusive Panthera pardusDid King Phillip Come Over For Gumbo SundayLinnaeus convinced us to use a hierarchical classification systemDarwin provided us with the mechanism by which evolution results in descent with modificationPhylogenetics reconstructing the evolutionary relationships among organismsMicroevolutionPhylogenyPhylogenetic treeFamily tree Simplest explanation of how these species are related today Radiometric dating of fossils allows us to put time on this tree DNA Sequence allows for the relationship to be recorded
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