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Biological Sciences
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Origins of Lifeas far as we know life exists only on Earthlife first appeared on earth about 4 billion years agoearth about 46 billion years oldEarth cooled rocks and water formed life began to arisehypothesis as to how life aroseMiller and Urey replicated conditions of early earthwater boiled in bunsen burner and vaporizedvapor passed through an electric spark chamber simulated lightninggoes into chamber with gases present on early eartha few days later the water that was condensing into a flask had a pigment to it due to organic moleculesdid not create life but organic molecules were an important discoveryspontaneous generation of liferandom emergence of life100 million species on EarthHistory of life on earthpeople originally thought that living things appeared all the timetheory of spontaneous generation of lifeLouis Pasteur refuted spontaneous generation in mid 1800ssterilized broth in a flasksealed off flasklife did not appear in the sterilized flaskwhen it was exposed to the air life began to appearcell theoryall existing cells come from previously existing cellsConditions on earth earthatmosphere lacked O2 and O3sources of energy includedfrequent stormsvolcanoesmeteorsUV light from the sunEarth determined to be about 46 billion years oldradiometric dating of meteorites and moon rockslife arose about 4 billion years agofound from chemical traces in rocksfossilized bacteria in rocks found from about 35 billion years agono spontaneous generation now must have happened at some pointRate of Decay of 40K to 40ArPotassium 40 naturally decays to 40Arhalf life is 125 billion yearshalf life is the amount of time for 50 of a substance to decayIf you start with 20 lbs of 40K after 125 billion years 10 lbs remain after 25 billion 5
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