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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1202

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Chapter 25 The History of Life on EarthFebruary 3 2010Early Earth1Earth is about 46 billion years BY oldaRadiometric dating of meteoritesmoon rocks2Life arose about 38 BY agoaChemical traces in rocks 38 BYbFossil bacteria in rocks 35 BY3No spontaneous generation now but must have happened thenConditions on Early Earth1AtmosphereaCO CH NH HS HO24322bNo free oxygen2Abundant energy to drive reactionsaFrequent storms w much lighteningbFrequent volcanic eruptionscFrequent meteor impactsdUV light from the sunClicker Question Is the following statement a scientific theory Life on Earth arose as a result of physicalchemical processes YesClicker Question Is the following statement a scientific theory Life is so complex that it must have been created by a supernatural being NoTestable hypotheses explaining the origin of life1Abiotic synthesis of small organic molecules2Joining these molecules into polymers3Packaging these molecules into protobionts4The origin of selfreplicating molecules
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