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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1202
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Chapter 37 Soil and Plant Nutrition32610Concept 371 Soil is a living finite resource1In addition to climate texture and composition of soil are major factors determining the distribution of plantsTexture and composition of soils1Soil is made up of particles derived from the breakdown of rocks minerals along with organic material humus2Texture the relative amounts of various sizes of soils particles3Compositions relative amounts of inorganic and organic componentsSoil Horizons1Soil horizons are visible in vertical profile2A horizon is a mix of humus and mineralsaHumus consist of decomposing organic materialbPrevents packing of smaller mineral particles and allows retention of water3Figure 372Availability of Water1After rains smaller spaces in the soil retain water because of Hbonding with clay and other particles2Film of looselybound water is available to plant roots3Not all the soil water can be extracted by the plantAvailability of Mineral Ions1Many cations are attracted to negatively charged soil particles2Cation exchange is a process that contributes to their uptakeaPlants decrease the pH of the soil fluidbThe Hs in the fluid are exchanged for the mineral cations bound to the soil particles3Figure 373Leaching1Removal of nutrients from soil by water that percolates through itaMost pronounced in sandy soilsbClays are best at holding onto nutrientsClicker Question Which soil mineral is most likely leached away during a hard rain NO3Clicker Question Where did most of the dry mass of this tree come from AirConcept 372 Plants require essential elements to complete their life cycle1Plants derive most of their organic mass biomass from the CO in the air2
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