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Chapter 36 Resource Acquisition and Transport in Vascular Plants32210Concept 361 Land plants acquire resources above and below groundFigure 362aHOwater lose from leaves by transpiration2bUp arrow in stemwater and minerals moved up in xylemcRootsroots absorb water and minerals from soildRootsroots exchange gaseseDown arrow in stemsugars transported through phloemfCOCO in O out through stomata222Concept 362 Transport occurs by shortdistance diffusion or active transport and by longdistance bulk flow1Transport in vascular plants occurs on three scalesaTransport of water and solutes by individual cellsbShortdistance transport of substances from cell to cell at the level of tissues and organscLongdistance transport bulk flow within xylem and phloemSelective Permeability of Membranes1Plasma membrane controls movement of solutes into and out of the cellaPassive transport movement across the membrane down a concentration gradient doesnt require energybActive transport pumping of solutes across the membrane against their concentration gradient requires energycTransport proteins integral membrane proteins that carry out transportProton Pumps1Create a H gradient that is a form of potential energy2Helps produce a voltage known as a membrane potential
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