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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1202

Chapter 35 Plant Structure Growth and Development31710Concept 351 The plant body has a hierarchy of organs tissues and cellsThe Three Basic Plant Organs1Plants draw nutrients from two very different environmentsbelow ground and above ground2Three basic organsaRootsbStemscLeaves3Organized into the root and shoot systemFigure 352Clicker Question Roots are involved in all but which of the following activitiesaSupport b Food storage c food production d anchorageRoots1An organ that anchors the vascular plant2Absorbs minerals and wateraAbsorption occurs near root tipsbRoot hairs increase the surface area of theroot 3Stores organic nutrientsFigure 353Stems1Consist ofaNodespoints at which leaves are attachedbInternodessegment between nodescAxillary budspotential to form lateral shoot ie branchdTerminal budlocated at shoot tip causes elongation of a young shootFigure 352Clicker Question Which of the following is not in the same lineage clade as the others Lizards birds dinosaurs or crocodiliansClicker Question Which of the following is incorrectly paired with its gas exchange mechanisms Bony fishesswim bladder amphibiansskin and lungs lungfishesgills and lungs reptileslungs
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