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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1202
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Final Exam Study Guide1OrderaEarliest to latestanaerobes oxygen aerobes photosynthetic organismsbEarliest to latestanaerobic cells photosynthesis oxygen aerobic metabolismcEarliest to latestorigin of earth prokaryotes atmospheric oxygen singlecelled eukaryotes this was definitely on my pretestdUrinary systemureters bladder urethra kidneyeRespiration sinuses firstsinuses trachea bronchioli aerolifFrom heart and back to heartarteries veins capillaries arterioles venules2Cell walls of fungi containchitin3Mammal excretory producturea4Clotting of bloodfibrin and platelets5Antigensbad6Positive Feedbacksexual intercourse7Grasshopperhemocoel8Animal that is not triploblastic nor diploblasticsponge9Hairworm no respiratory systemlarge surface area10TLR recognizedsRNA lipopolysaccarides11Antigen binds atepitope12Clonal selectionlarge clone of genetically identical B cells is produced13All protists are singlecelled or multicelled eukaryotic14Which cant evolveDrGregg15Genetic drift has the most effect on small populations16Label collecting duct from diagram of a kidney17Figure 4216 in bookat arterial end where blood pressure exceeds osmotic pressure fluid flows out of the capillary into the interstitial fluidAt the venous end the blood
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