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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 1202

1Biology Final Questions1Why is blood pressure higher in arteries than in veinsaResistance in arterioles and capillaries dissipates much of the pressure in arteries by the time the blood enters the veins 2Females need more dietary iron than males because ofaMenstruation3Which enzyme converts fibrinogen to fibrin in clottingaThrombin4TrueFalse All respiratory systems must be large because diffusion is slowa True5A Closed circulatory system possesses all of the following exceptaHemolymph opencirc6Graph of Oxygen Concentration in Hemoglobin The graph shifts to the right with increased CO2 becauseaHemoglobin gives up more O2 at a lower pH and pH decreases because CO2 produced by cell respiration forms carbonic acid and more O2 is released to support the increased cell respirationin text pg 9247Oxygen rich blood enters theand thedelivers blood to the rest of the bodya Left atrium left ventricle8Explain the relationship between Blood pressure and Osmotic PressureaWhen blood pressure is greater than osmotic pressure there is a net loss in the capillaries So when fluid leaves the arterioles the blood pressure is greater than the osmotic pressure9List the order in which air flows from outside through the respiratory systemaSinuses nose trachea bronchiole and alveoli10The diaphragm is located2aUnder the lungs11Carbon dioxide is present in the bloodaMostly in the form of bicarbonate ions12Mucous layer around the trachea is composed of acilia13What will happen is there is an increase in ADH levelsaDecrease in the amount of urine produced14Cells found in both Humoral and Cellmediated response systemsaHelper T cells15Which of the following is not found in semenmucus fructose coagulating enzymes ascorbic acid and prostaglandins are found in semenaHigh pH is not found16The Bowmans capsule filtrates into aProximal tubule17Which of the following has a closed circulatory systemaWorm18What is allopatric speciation aThe formation of a new species in population that is geographically isolated from one another19Humoral immune response involvesaB cells20Cell mediated immunity involvesaCytotoxic Tcells21What part of an antigen is recognized by an antibody aEpitope
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