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Biological Sciences
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Exam 1 Chapters 22253Chapter 22Descent with Modification A Darwinian View of LifeWhat is EvolutionAdaptionEvolution 2 main ideaso1 Change over time of the genetic composition of a populationo2 Decent of modern organisms with modification from preexisting organisms going back to a common ancestor for all living thingsoChanges in gene frequencies traitsEvolutionary AdaptionoAccumulation of inherited characteristics that enhance organisms ability to survive in specific environmentsoSurvive and reproducePreDarwinian Theory of EvolutionDarwin came up with a workable mechanism of how it works but there were ideas before himLamarcko1 Use and disuseBodies of living organisms are modified through the use or disuse of partsoInheritance of acquired traits these modifications are inherited by offspringoEx GiraffeBelieved they stretched their legs and necks outoThese ideas turned out to be wrongWhat happens to you during your lifetime doesnt get passed down to your offspring through genes or traitsEvolution by Natural SelectionDarwin and Wallace both developed the theory but independentlyDarwinoGot a job collecting samples of plants and mapping around the world on The BeagleWallaceoNaturalist in IndonesiaoStudied birdsNatural SelectionThe unequal survival and reproduction of organisms due to environmental forces resulting in the preservation of favorable adaptationsProcess selects from what is available in the gene poolNew characteristics are not created on demandClicker questionoThink about the 100 m dash track and field competition How can we change this race to reflect the process of natural selectionPut obstaclesKill the losersWhoever wins gets to reproduceSurvival and reproduction Artificial SelectionSelective breeding of organisms to encourage the occurrence of desirable traits Analogous to natural selection
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