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Bio 1202 Test 1 Notes

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 1202

DescentwithmodificationADarwinianViewofLife06132014What is evolution and AdaptationEvolution two main ideasChange over time of the genetic composition of a populationDecent of modern organisms with modification form preexisting organismsYou need competition food sourceDifferent not everyone is equally suited to surviveEx GiraffesNecks got longer to reach treesTrees got tallerEvolutionary adaptationAccumulation of inherited characteristics that enhance organisms ability to survive in specific environmentsPre Darwinian theory of EvolutionLamarckUse and disuseBodies of living organisms are modified through the use or disuse of partsInheritance of acquired characteristicsThese modifications are inherited by offspringEx giraffeUsed their neck more to stretch to reach trees necks got longer and some how changed DNA to effect offspring Catastrophism gradualism and UniformitarianismCuvier catastrophismCatastrophes cause extinct species and strata Hutton gradualism and Lyell uniformitarianismGradualism slow natural forces wind water earthquakes volcanoes cause geological formations not catastrophes Uniformitarianism the mechanism of change are constant over timeObservations of geological formationsrates processes occurearth much older than a few thousand yearsEvolution in a Historical Context fig 222Evolution by Natural SelectionDarwin and Wallace developed the theory independentlyDarwin voyage of the BeagleWallace British naturalist in Indonesia Darwins Focus on AdaptationStudied finchCactus eater insect eater seed eater
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