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Test 4 Notes

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 1202

Chapter 33 InvertebratesConcept 331 Sponges that are basal animals that lack true tissuesPoriferaolive in both fresh and marine watersolack true tissues and organsoasymmetrical body planSponges sponges are suspension feedersofilter water passing through their bodiesfigure 334Cnidariansa wide range of sessile and floating forms including jellyfish corals and hydrassimple diploblastic radial body planobody plan is a sac with a central gastrovascular cavityosingle opening serves as both mouth and anusomesoglea layer between epidermis and endodermisCnidarian body plans polyp form is generally sessile stays in one placemedusa form moves freely in water by passive drifting and contractions of the bellfigures 335Defining feature of cnidarians cnidocytesounique cells that function in defense and the capture of preystimulus causes the cell to evert releasing threadsome cnidocytes sting others just entangle preyfigure 336Cnidarian diversity figure 337Flatworms phylum platyhelminthestripoblastic development but acoelomatetable 332Spongebob is a member of which phylumCnidariaPoriferaPlatyhelminthesLophophoraIn the life cycle of a typical cnidarian which of the following would most likely be free swimmingPolypMedusaCnidocytesCercariaPhylum molluscaMost molluscs have an open circulatory systemRedula rasplike feeding organ scrapes and scoops food itemsfigure 3315Class Gastropoda snails and slugsasymmetrical body usually with a coiled shellfoot for locomotionradulaFigure 3317 3318Class bivalvia clams mussels scallops oystersflattened shell with 2 valvesPaired gillsno radulamostly suspension feedersfigure 3319 3320Class Cephalopoda squids Octopods cuttlefish chambered nautili head surrounded by grasping tentaclesousually with suckersshell may be external internal or absentFigure 3321Which of the following combinations of phyla and characteristics is incorrectporifera gastrovascular cavity two tissue layersPhylum Annelida ex earthworm body is divided into segmentsoeach segment has a set of musclesocontract against coelomic fluid hydrostatic skeletonclosed circulatory system with 5 pumping vessels heartsalimentary canal with specialized regionsCerebral ganglia functions as a nudimentary brain
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