Biology 1208 Lab Final Study Guide

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1208

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Biology 1208 Final Exam Study Guide for Monday May 03 2010Chapter 1 Laboratory Techniques1Types of PipettesMechanical Micropipette Pipette used for small volume transfers less than 1 mL Used by turning volume adjustment rings and depressing the plunger to the stop points Used for high degree of precision and uses disposable tips Volumetric Transfer Pipette designed to deliver a single volume precisely Engraved ring above the tube Fluid is drawn up above ring and released slowly The tip should touch the wall of sample vessel Volume will be indicated at the top Mohr Measuring Pipette graduated but stop at a baseline before the pipette begins to narrow Total volume is near the top of the pipette 10 mL in 110 total volume 10 mL with 110 increments Meniscus must be precisely on a calibration mark at the beginning and end of the transferSerological Pipette no base mark graduated to deliver Correct amount of fluid is drawn into pipette and entire amount is transferred You need to subtract total amount you are going to pipette from the total volume of the pipette There are 2 types those with a single painted ring and those with double rings which are designed to be blown outAlways use a pipumps2Spectrophotometer An instrument designed to detect the amount of radiant energy absorbed by molecules Must have a light source light dispersion device prism or diffraction grating an aperture or slit a detector and a digital meter to display output A blank solution should contain everything that the test solution contains except the compound you are trying to measureOperating ProcedureaTurn on the spectrophotometer left hand knob on the front of the instrument and allow it to warm up for at least 15 minutesbAdjust the wavelength to the appropriate value The knob on the right top of the instrument controls the wavelength which is indicated at the left of the digital display cWith the same holder empty and the lid closed adjust the Zero Adjust Knob lefthand knob until the instrument reads 0 on the transmittance scale Be sure that he display function is set to transmittance if not push the Mode button until the display is set to transmittance
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