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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051

Parts of Chapter 17 Origins and EvolutionChapter 18 Bacterial Diversity Phylogeny study of evolutionary relationships of organismsComparison of rRNA sequences can be used to determine the evolutionary relationships among organismsSSU small subunit rRNA sequencing of 16S or 18S subunits is commonThe Ribosomal Database Project RDP contains a large collection of rRNA sequencesPhylogenetic trees based on rRNA have been prepared for all the major prokaryotic and eukaryotic groupsComparative ribosomal RNA sequencing has defined the 3 domains of life1 Bacteria prokaryotes2 Archaea prokaryotes3 Eukarya Eukaryotes Algae protistsCharacteristics of the Domains of LifeFeatureBacteriaArchaeaEukaryaCell wallPeptidoglycanPseudoFungus ChitinpeptidoglycanPlantsCellulosePlanctomycesPirella Proteinhave protein cell wall protozoans lack a Mycoplasmacell wallChlamydia lack cell wallFeatureBacteriaArchaeaEukaryaLipidsEsterlinked fatty Etherlinked Esterlinkedacids fatty acids fatty acids membrane lipid membrane lipid Membrane lipid bilayermonolayerbilayerFeatureBacteriaArchaeaEukaryaRNA 4 subunits2 different ones 3 different onespolymerasewithwith 1012 810 subunits eachsubunits eachFeatureBacteriaArchaeaEukaryaProtein 70S70S 80Ssynthesisribosomesribosomes butfunctionally similar toribosomes formylmethionineeukaryotes methioninemethionine
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