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Micro Midterm study guide (Got A+ on the test)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051
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Micro MidtermMonday October 10 2011110 PM Experiment 1Media Prep And SterilizationMicroorganisms can be grown in the laboratory or on a culture mediumoCulture medium contains nutrients needed for growthComplex mediumcomposed of digests of chemically undefined substances such as yeasts and meat extractsDefined mediumprecise chemical composition is knownBrothliquid culture mediumSolid mediumsolidifying agent agarIn petri dishes called platesUsed for isolation and growthIn test tubes called deepsAnaerobic growthSlantsdeeps allowed to solidify at an angleMaintenance of stock culturesSterilizationkilling or removal of all living organisms and their viruses from a growth mediumoAutoclavingsealied device that allows the entrance of steam under pressure121 C 15 PSILiquid mediaoDry heat sterilizationoxidation effectsFlamingHot air sterilizationoFiltrationheat sensitive liquidsFilter with holes too small for microorganismsoCold sterilizationuses gaseous chemosterilizersEthylene oxideoElectromagnetic radiationUV radiation causes damage to DNAoIonizing radiationExperiment 2Culturing Microorganisms from the environmentMicroorganisms can be found anywhereoMinority are pathogenicoNosocomialhospital acquired infectionsExperiment 3HandwashingHand washing is the most important way to prevent the spread of diseaseoInfectious dosenumber of microorganisms or viruses sufficient to establish an infectionNormal or resident microbiota floraoccur naturally on the bodyoDo no produce diseaseTransient floratemporarily on body from somewhere else cannot growExperiment 4Colony MorphologyMicroorganisms growing on a solid culture medium will form colonies
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