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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051

1Chapter 9 Gene Transfer Mutations and Genome EvolutionoDNA sequence is not static means it changes Horizontal gene transfer mechanismsTransformationTransductionConjugationMutations DeletionsInsertionsoEffects of Gene TransferSpreads useful genes among bacteriaAntibioticresistance genesSpread wherever antibiotics are overused ex hospitals farmsPathogenicity islandsEncode genes for cell to act as pathogenDifference between typical E coli in gut and pathogenic E coli O157H7Genes to degrade special metabolites ex oil spillsTransformationCompetent cell picks up free DNA from a dead cell etc from the environmentSome cells are naturally competent BacillusSome cells can be made competent in labSalt treatmentsneutralize charge on cell so DNA is not repelledElectroporationelectrical shock opens pores in cell membrane DNA enters through poresIf free DNA isnt incorporated into chromosome it will be degraded Free DNA cant replicate on its ownTransduction Bacterial DNA is transferred from one bacterium to another by a virusBacteriophage injects DNA into host DNA is packaged into viral capsidNormally viral DNA is packaged Rarely bacterial DNA is packaged by mistakeDNA is transferred to new hostCan bring new bacterial genes to hostGeneralized transduction During viral infection random bacterial DNA pieces are accidentally packaged into viral capsidany part of host chromosome can be transferred to a recipient cellusually lyticSpecialized transductiononly very specific small portions of the bacterial chromosome can be transferred to a recipient usually lysogenicDonor DNA is either incorporated into recipient chromosome or degraded Generalized transduction lytic phage results
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