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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051

Metabolism1CellaThe cell has a lot going on taking in molecules breaking them down to make energy energy is used for other molecules some molecules are excretedbAnabolismcCatabolism2MetabolismaThis is the sum of all reactionsiCatabolic energyproducingiiAnabolic biosynthetic energyusingbOxidationreduction redox reactionsiMetabolism is driven by redox reactionsiiOxidation loss of electrons LEO lose electrons oxidationiiiReduction gain of electrons GER gain electrons reductionivRedox reactions are coupled1Electron donor transfers electrons to acceptordonor is oxidized losing electrons and acceptor is reduced gaining electronsvElectron carriers1Help transfer electrons from donor to acceptor2Membranebound cytochrome c3Freely diffusible coenzymes NADNADH it can go anywhere in the cell to be usedaNAD is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide4CoenzymeaEnzyme has binding sites 1 for substrate 1 for NAD and the NAD takes an electron becomes NADH allowing the substrate to be oxidizedbIn other cases NADH binds to an enzyme substrate binds to enzyme and NADH donates the hydrogen electron to the substrate forming NAD5This happens a LOT during metabolism6NAD reduction enzyme 1 reacts with electron donor and oxidized form of coenzyme NAD7NADH oxidation enzyme 2 reacts with electron acceptor and reduced form of coenzyme NADHcCatabolismiEnergy is released from the redox reactionsiiEnergy is stored in molecules and transported where it is needediiiEnergy storage compounds1Short termaATPi2 phosphoanhydride bonds high energy phosphate bondsiiPrimary energy carrier in the cell2Long termaGlycogenbPolybetahydroxybutyratecElemental sulfurivEnergy and electrons1ChemoorganotrophaSource organic compound
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