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Microbial Growth Highlighted ones were on my test1Distinguish between macronutrients and micronutrientsMacronutrients elements needed in fairly large amountsMicronutrients elements needed in very small amounts2Give at least 6 examples of macronutrients1Oxygen2Carbon3Nitrogen4Hydrogen5Phosphorous6Sulfur7Potassium8Magnesium9Calcium10 Sodium 3Give at least 4 examples of micronutrients1Selenium essential micronutrient2Iron3Manganese 4Zinc4How do growth factors differ from macronutrients and micronutrientsGrowth factors are organic compounds not elements needed in very small amounts In some cases the organisms can make them other times they are gained from the environment 5Name the 5 groups describing an organisms relationship to oxygenTypeRelation to O2MetabolismOrgansimObligate AerobeRequiredAerobic M luteusRespirationFacultative AerobeNot required but AR AnaR FermE coligrowth better withMicroAerophileRequired but at Aerobic S volutanslower levels than RespirationatmosphereAerotolerantNot required FermentationS pyogenesgrowth no betterObligate AnaerobeHarmful or lethalAnaR or FermM formiccum6What type of broth can be used to determine an organisms oxygen requirementWhat does this broth contain that makes it possible to determine an organisms oxygen requirementThioglycolate broth contains a reducing agent thioglycolate that reacts with oxygen to form water making the broth anoxic Only oxic zone is at airsurface interface7You inoculate the following organisms into tubes containing thioglycolate brothWhere would you expect to see growth in the tubeaObligate aerobe oxic zone at surface of tubebObligate anaerobe all in anoxic zone in bottom of tubecFacultative aerobe more concentrated in oxic zone but growth in both zonesdMicroaerophile few in oxic zone more right beloweAerotolerate anaerobegrowth equal in all zones8What accommodations need to be made to grow an aerobe in the labThe culture medium must be oxygenated allow exposure to air vigorous shaking 250 rpm bubbling sterile air into medium 9What accommodations need to be made to grow an anaerobe in the labOxygen must be excluded from the culture medium bottlestubes completely filled with sterile media and sealed use of a reducing agent anoxic jars with palladium catalyst anoxic glove box10 During what process are toxic oxygen molecules generatedRespiration Superoxide Hydrogen Peroxide Hydroxyl Radical
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