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Microbiology Test 4 (got 93% on the test)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051
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Chapter 20 Eukaryotic Diversity Phylogeny of EukaryotesEukaryotes have convergent evolutionGroups containing microscopic eukaryotesUnicellular yeast fungiUnicellular protozoaAlgae FungiCell wall contain chitinNonmotileMost grow hyphaeMycelium branched mass of hyphaeAbsorptive heterotrophsFungiYeastsUnicellular fungiReproduce via budding FungiChytridsMotile flagella reproductive zoosporesAssociations with animalsSymbiont in bovine rumen Frog pathogenFungiZygomycetesNonmotile sporangiospores gametesSpread via air or water currentsfuse to form zygote called zygosporeRhizopusbread moldArbuscular mycorrhizae Mutualistic association with plant roots Increase root absorptionFungiAscomycetesFruiting bodies formasci containing ascosporesNeurospora bread moldPenicillium Aspergillisproduce toxins in plants problem in cornCandidaPneumocystis cariniicauses a type of pneumonia in AIDS patientsSaccharomycesMolds CladosporiumStachybotrys black molds MorelsTruffelscan be eaten grow underground and are very expensiveFungiBasidiomycetesProduces spores called basidiospores True mushrooms Aleuria Starfish stinkhorn AmanitaCryptoccoccus AlgaePhytoplankton Common featuresAll have chloroplastsMany have paired flagellaCell wall made of glycoprotein or celluloseContractile vacuole removes excess waterStores energy as starchAlgaeChlorophytaGreen algaeChlorophyll aGrow near top of waterMultiple life formsUnicellular forms have flagellaExamplesFilamentsSprogyraIndividual cells ChlmydomonasSheets ulvaColonies volvoxAlgaeRhodophytaRed algaePhycoerythrin Allows growth in deeperwatersSulfated sugar polymersAgar agarose carrageenan Unicellular filaments or sheetsPorphyra used to make nori for wrapping sushiSecondary Endosymbionts
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