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EXP 1 QUESTIONSMEDIA PREPARATION AND STERILIZATION 1How do complex and defined media differ In defined media the exact chemical composition is know In complex media the chemical composition is unknown 2What are 3 forms of solid medias How is each usedPlates deeps and slantsPlates are used for isolation and growth of microorganisms Deeps are used for anaerobic growth Slants are used for the maintenance of stock cultures3Define Sterilization How does this differ from pasteurization Sterilization is the killing or removal of all living organisms and their viruses from a growth medium Pasteurization is the reduction of the microbial load in heatsensitive liquids to kill diseaseproducing microorganisms and reduce the number of spoilage microorganisms 4 How are liquid media sterilized How are heatsensitive liquids sterilized Liquids are sterilized by autoclaving Heatsensitive liquids are sterilized by filtration5How could heat sensitiveantibiotics be sterilized Plastic Petri dishes They can be sterilized by filtration Plastic Petri dishes can be sterilized using gaseous chemosterilizers EXP 3 QUESTIONSHAND WASHING1Which soap tested was the most effective in reducing the number of bacteria present The least effective2Since most of the normal flora is not harmful why must it be removed in a surgical scrubIt must be removed because it may cause disease if it is in large amounts or it may cause disease if it enters the bloodstream or tissues3Why would liquid soap be used in a surgical scrub instead of bar soap 4Why could there be more bacteria present after hand washingMore bacteria may be present after hand washing because normal flora may be exposed while washing the old flora off of the hands5What is meant by the term normal flora
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