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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051
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Chapter 25Microbial Pathogenesis 1 Chapter 26Microbial DiseasesChapter 25Microbial PathogenesisHostPathogen InteractionsInfectionentry of pathogen or parasite Infection doesnt always cause diseaseMost infections are removed by immune system Primary pathogens Frank pathogens Have ability to penetrate host defenses Opportunistic pathogensCause disease only in compromised hosts Immune system defective Break in tissue allows organism access to new siteLoss of other microflora allows organism to bloomPathogenicity of organismMeasure of ability to cause disease Determined by genetic makeup of organism Infectious doseID50Number of organisms to colonize 50 of hostsVirulenceRate of lethal infections Lethal doseLD50Number of organisms to kill 50 of hosts Chapter 25Microbial Pathogenesis 2 Chapter 26Microbial DiseasesInfection CycleSpread by direct contact Spread by indirect contact Contact with fomites Inanimate object or substance that can carry infectious microbesHorizontal transmission via vectors MosquitoesYellow fever malaria Reservoir for disease organismMay not may not show disease symptoms Mode of entry depends on pathogenMucosal surfaces wounds insect bites
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