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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051

Chapter 6 Virus Structure and Function General Properties of Viruses virionsObligate intracellular parasite made of nucleic acid surrounded by a protein coatOnly replicate inside a host No nucleus organelles cytoplasmViral genomes containinformation for taking over host cell information for making viral proteinsCapsidsurrounds nucleic acid Made of pure protein genome replication proteinsVirus StructureCapsidsCapsidprotein coat surrounding nucleic acid Capsid are arranged to give virion symmetry Icosahedral capsids poliovirus herpes virusRoughly spherical 20 equilateral triangles or facesfilamentous capsidsM13 Ebola Long tube of protein with genome inside Capsid is long tube Genome inside tubeTube made up of 100s of identical protein subunitsTube length reflects size of vial genome DNA or RNA coiled inside tubeComplex capsids Mixture of icosahedralfilamentous shapesMany bacteriophageviruses that infect bacteria specifically Asymmetrical irregular shapesTend to be larger virusesPoxviruses like cowpoxVirus StructureEnvelopesEnvelope llipid bilayer that surrounds the capsid on some viruses
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