BIOL 2051 Ch13 And Ch14 Notes (Got A+ on the test)

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 2051

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Chapter 13 EnergeticsCatabolism Chapter 14Respiration LithotrophyPhotolysisSun is ultimate energy sourcePhotosynthesis used by many plants and bacteriaCaptures light energy from the sun and stores it as chemical energyHeterotrophyUses captured chemical energybuilds other chemicalsWasteEach step of photosynthesis and heterotrophism gives offheat energyMetabolismCatabolismBreaking down larger molecules into smaller molecules for energyanabolismUsing energy to build cell components more complicated moleculesMetabolismBalance between catabolism and anabolismCentral biochemical pathways used for bothTCA cycle glycolysis pentose phosphate shuntElectron TransferMajor source of energy in cellPassage of electrons releases energyRequires electron donor and electron acceptorElectron transport found in all cells from bacteria to usDifferent donors acceptorsElectron energy can be stored
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