Microbial Growth And Ecology Notes

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051
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Microbial GrowthHighlighted questions are from articles1Distinguish between macronutrients and micronutrientsaMacronutrients elements required in fairly large amountsbMicronutrients elements needed in very small amounts2Give at least 6 examples of macronutrientsaCarbon Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen Phosphorous Sulfur3Give at least 4 examples of micronutrientsaBoron Chromium Cobalt Copper4How do growth factors differ from macronutrients and micronutrientsaGrowth Factors Organic compounds needed in very small amountsiGrowth factors are NOT elements macro and microelements are5Name the 5 groups describing an organisms relationship to oxygenaObligate Aerobeneeds oxygen because it only does aerobic respirationiType of Metabolism AerobicbObligate Anaerobedo not need oxygen it can be toxic to them and they do not use OxygeniType of Metabolism Fermentation or Anaerobic respirationcFacultativeoxygen is not required but they work better with oxygeniType of Metabolism Aerobic respiration Anaerobic respiration and FermentationdMicroaerophilicoxygen is required but at levels lower than atmosphericiTypes of Metabolism Anaerobic eAerotolerantoxygen not required but growth is not any better with oxygen presentiTypes of Metabolism Fermentation6What type of broth can be used to determine an organisms oxygen requirementaThioglycoate Broth Used to determine an organisms oxygen requirement7What does this broth contain that makes it possible to determine an organisms oxygen requirementaThioglycolate broth is a reducing agent and reacts with oxygen to form water8You inoculate the following organisms into tubes containing thioglycolate brothWhere would you expect to see growth in the tubeaObligate aerobeiOnly on the topbObligate anaerobeiOnly on the bottomcFacultative aerobeiMosty at the top but all overdMicroaerophileiAt the top right under the Oxic ZoneeAerotolerate anaerobeiEqually distributed throughout the entire tube9What accommodations need to be made to grow an aerobe in the labaAerobes need exposure to air vigorous shaking and sterile air to be bubbled into the medium10What accommodations need to be made to grow an anaerobe in the labaAnaerobes need tubes to be completely filled with medi and sealed use a reducing agent anoxic jars and glove boxes11During what process are toxic oxygen molecules generatedaRespiration12How does an organism protect themselves from toxic oxygen moleculesaWe can use PIGMENTS to absorb some of these toxic oxygensbEnzymes made by cells can neutralize toxic forms of oxygeniCatalase HOHO2HOO222222iiPeroxidase HNADHHONADO2H222iiiSuperoxide dismutase OO2HHO O22222ivSuperoxide dismutaseCatalase 4O4H2HO3O 2221Obligate Aerobes 2Facultative aerobes
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