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Study Guide Exam 2 (Got A+ on the test)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2083
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1 Do effectors resemble substrate structurea No effectors do not resemble substrate structure2 What mediates the effect caused by effectors and where is it transmitted toa The effector is mediated by conformational changebTransmitted to active site3 How are regulatory roles played by effectorsa Very sensitive to change in substrate concentrationbEffectors allow change in activity with out changing substrate concentrationc Can respond to other pathwaysdEffectors bind in equilibrium4of a metabolic path way acts asof enzyme early in pathwaya End product allosteric inhibitor5 What is an isozymea Different form of same enzyme enzymes which occur in 1 form in same species tissue or cell which carryout the same reaction but exhibit different kinetic properties effectorsetc6 What is covalent modificationa Enzyme activity altered due to insertion or removal of small functional group7 What is a zymogena Enzyme synthesized as inactive precursor8 What are zymogen used fora Storage make a lot of something before it is needed insulinbTransport9 What subunits compose hemoglobina 2 alpha 2 beta 1 hemesubunit 4hemes10 What is required for cooperativity to take placea 4 structurebLigandssubunits11 The hemoglobin saturating or binding curve displays what type of shapea Sigmoidal12 Explain how and why the hemeOxygen complex delivers O2 to the tissuea In the capillaries there is a lower partial pressure of O2 and thus the position on the Hb binding curve is at a lower level and O2 is released13 What happens when there is a rightward shift in the HbO2 binding curvea O2 bound to Hb decreasesbO2 released to tissue increases14 Whya Decrease in tissue pH Hb bind differently to O2bIncrease in Temperaturec Increase in concentration of CO2dIncrease in concentration BBPG15 When is this neededa When lactic acid builds up decrease in pHbWhen temp rises exercisec Co2 increasesdBPG increases during rapid metabolism16 What factors can decrease Hb affinity for O2 a Decrease pHbIncrease Tempc Increase CO2dIncrease BPG
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