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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2083
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BiologyDay 1Science isoA Collection of factsAcquiring knowledge with the goal of explaining a natural phenomenaoA Problem solving processA way to decide what is a fact or not oA process that is really good at rejecting bad ideas or falsifying themoNot perfect cant control all variables or know all possibilitiesoKnows that conclusions are always allowed to change under certain circumstancesBiology is oBios means lifeoOlogy means study ofoBiology is the scientific study of lifeScientific principles underlie all scientific inquiry oNatural causality is the principle that all events can be traced to natural causesoNatural laws apply to every time and placeoScientific inquiry is based on the assumption that all people perceive natural events all in similar waysoHistorical approaches to studying life The belief that some events happen through supernatural forces Thor making thunder The belief that all events can be traced to nature oNatural laws apply to every time and placeNatural laws are uniform in space and timeThis principle is key to understanding biological events evolution that occurred before humans recorded themoAssumption human beings perceive natural events in fundamentally the same wayCommon perception allows us to accept observations of other humans as reliableHowever common perception is usually not found in appreciation of art poetry and music nor among cultures or religious beliefsValue systems are subjectiveScience requires objectively gathered data oThe scientific method is the basis for scientific inquiryScientific inquiry is a rigorous method for making observations about natural phenomenaThe scientific method of inquiry generally follows six stepsObservation oObservation of a specific phenomenonQuestion oThe observation in turn leads to a questionHypothesis oThe question leads to formulation of a hypothesis based on previous observations that is offered as an answer to the questionPrediction oThe hypothesis leads to a prediction typically expressed in ifthen languageExperiment or Observation oThe prediction is tested by carefully controlled manipulations called experimentsConclusion
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