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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2083

Types of bondsACovalent bonds electron sharingaPolar vs NonpolariDefinition vs CauseWhat is the difference What causes the differenceNonPolarPolarEqual sharing of electrons Unequal sharing of electronsNo separation of charge Partial separation of charge bExamplesBIonic bondsTransfer of electronsWeak bonds in aqueous solutionsBond form by attractionTrue covalent IonicNon polar PolarTotal separationNo separation Partial separation NaClTrue covalent CCSSCHIII WaterTate RousselBIOL 2083 Notes 1AStructureHydrogen bondingweak dipoledipole interaction bond occurring between an electronegative atom and a hydrogen covalently bound to another electronegative atom BProperties of Water Can form 4 bonds with other waters1Physical PropertiesaHigh boiling pointbHigh heat of vaporizationcHigh viscositydLow density of ice2Chemical PropertiesaSolvent Properties Universal SolventiBasis of solvation Solvation Shell around central molecule2 Types of compounds based on solubilityTate RousselBIOL 2083 Notes 2 PolarIonic Hydrophilicwater likes them Nonpolar lipids Hydrophobicwater does not like them Amphiphilic Both hydrophilichydrophobic Called a micelleAt layer of where oilvinegar meet it has both hydrophilichydrophobic propertiesoProteins in Aqueous SolutionsHydrophilic on the outside of the proteinHydrophobic on the insideLearn the structure of the 20 Amino Acids TestSolvent propertiesOsmosisa colligative property of solutionsMovement of water across a membraneColligative property of a solutionoRatio of solute to solventAcidBase Properties of HO2AcidProton DonorBaseProton AcceptoroHOHOH2or more completeHOHOHOOH2237HOOH10 M3pHlog HO or pHlog H103107 7Acid Tate RousselBIOL 2083 Notes 3
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