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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2153
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GENETICS STUDY GUIDECHAPTER 3Mendel Each trait controlled by inheriting factor gene Two copies of each gene alleles are present in the organism Explained how traits could be hidden and then reappear Two principlesPrinciple of dominance in a heterozygote only one allele may conceal anotherPrinciple of segregation in a heterozygote the alleles segregate from each other during gamete formationMendel marked his copy of Origin of Species with an exclamation point next to There are many laws regulating variation some few of which can be dimly seen Darwin theory of evolution Origin of species by natural selectionsaid must be more thanjust blending inheritance said traits were carried by particles gemmulesDe Vriesthe termmutation and rediscovering mendels workCorrens rediscovered mendels work but failed to see how important it was Never read itTschermakhis dad taught botany to mendelrediscovered mendels workBoveriall chromosomes are needed for growth and function of organismsSuttonobservation of chromosome in meiosis Why did it take so long for Mendels work to be rediscovered The idea of blending inheritance was still accepted and being thought outWhy would Mendels work have interested Darwin Gave support for his hypothesis of evolution with inheritance CHAPTER 4Lethal mutations and how to deduce from X2example was in class
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