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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 2153

Biol 2153 w Dr Brumfield24Aug10SNP single nucleotide polymorphismLaw of SegregationMeiosisRead ch 12Explore websiteswww23andmecomNcbinimnihgovomimBiol 2153 w Dr Brumfield26Aug10Read ch 23Recommended problems from ch 2 13513 15182026 edition 3Types of geneticsTransmission geneticsoTracking heredity through generationsPedigree analysisoKey to pedigreessquaremale circlefemale slashed square or circledeceased filled square or circleaffected individual double lines linking circle and squareconsanguineous matingCytogeneticsoCellular level analysis of geneticsochromosomesMolecular genetic analysisoStudy of DNA RNA and protein variation with respect to heritabilityPopulation geneticsoGenetic variation in a populationoDr Brumfields fieldMonohybridDihybrid crossesGenetically caused cystic fibrosis results from a deletion mutation in the allel on chromosome 7 that codes for CFThe mutated allele is called F508 or just A homozygous individual ieis healthyA heterozygous individual ieis healthy but a carrierA homozygous individual iehas cystic fibrosisLaw of SegregationDuring the formation of gametes the gametes receive one or the other allele with equal probabilityA Punnett square for a monohybrid crossAGAAAAGGAGGGAA25 not expressedAG50 expressedGG25 expressedGenotypic ratio121Phenotypic ratio31Mendels monohybrid crosses of Green and Yellow peasYYyYyYyyYyYyYyellowYgreenAll Yy therefore all yellow offspringGenetic Dominanceone allele is phenotypically dominantTest CrossA cross of individual of unknown genotype to an individual that is a known homozygous recessiveTest crossYyyYyyyyYyyyPhenotypic ratio is 11 if the tested individual is homozygousYYyYyYyyYyYyPhenotypic ratio is 100 if thetested individual is heterozygousLaw of Independent AssortmentDuring gamete formation segregating pairs of alleles assort independently of each otherDihybrid CrossAAGGAAAAAAGAGAAAAAAGAGGAGAGGGGGGAGAGGGGGGenotypic proportionsAA 416AG 816GG 416 416 816 416Both genes genotypic distributionAA dry healthyAA dry healthyAA dry CFAG wet healthy
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