BIOL 2160 Ch 18 19 (Got A+ on the test)
BIOL 2160 Ch 18 19 (Got A+ on the test)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2160

Chapters 1819 Urinary SystemFunctions of the Urinary SystemoThey contribute to homeostasisoThey control electrolyte and water balance of the ECF plus urinary outputIf the ECF has an excess of water or electrolytes the kidneys eliminate the excess If there is a deficiency of these substances the kidneys can reduce the loss of these from the bodyOther Kidney FunctionsoMaintaining the proper osmolarity of body fluidsoMaintaining proper plasma volumeoHelping to maintain proper acidbase balanceoExcreting wastes of body metabolismoExcreting many foreign compoundsoProducing EPO and ReninoConverting Vitamin D to active formStructures of the Urinary System fig 181Urinary SystemoKidneysRetroperitoneal filter blood form urineoUreterstransport urine from kidneys to bladderoBladderstore urineoUrethraexcrete urine from bladder to outside of bodyoMicturitionurinationAnatomy of the Urinary Bladder and Urethra fig 1821Clinical AspectsoUTIs urinary tract infectionsMost often in Short urethrasUrethra close to anusCauses Escherichia coli infectionsSymptoms pain or burning urination frequent urinationblood in the urinePreventionWipe front to backPee after coitusDrink plenty of fluidsMacroscopic Anatomy of the Kidney know fig 182Renal PyramidAnatomy of a Nephron KNOW fig 183oThe tubular part of the nephron is a hollow tube with different regionsFluid passes through itBowmans capsule starts here fits around the glomerulusFiltered fluid passes from the Bowmans capsule into the proximal tubuleIt lies entirely in the cortexLoop of Henle The distal tubule empties into the collecting ductThe loop of Henle and collecting duct are found in the medulla of the kidneyBlood Supply to Kidney fig 186oRenal artery delivers dirty blood afferent arterioleglomerulusefferent arteriolePeritubular cavities of vasa recta Renal vein leaves with clean blood
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