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BIOL 2160

Chapter 14 Blood Vessels FlowPressureFlow RuleCirculatory systemclosed systemPressureforce exerted by bloodFlow occurs from high pressure to low pressureFlowDPRPressure Gradients in the Cardiovascular SystemPressure gradients drive flow from high pressure to low pressureFlow due to pressure gradientsbulk flowHeart creates pressure gradient for bulk flow of bloodA gradient must exist throughout circulatory system to maintain blood flowPressure Gradient Across Systemic CircuitPressure in aortamean arterial pressure MAP90 mmHg highest pressurePressure in vena cavacentral venous pressure CVP0 mmHg lowest pressurePressure Gradients in Systemic Circuit Fig 142Pressures and Pressure Drops in the Pulmonary and Systemic Circuits Fig 143Resistance in the Cardiovascular SystemPressure gradient in systemic circuit much greater than the pulmonary circuitFlow through both circuits equalFlowDPRResistance through pulmonary circuit much less than through systemic circuitEffect of Resistance on Flow Fig 144Factors Affecting Resistance to Flow1Radius of vesseloIn arterioles and small arteriescan regulate radius2Length of vessel3Viscosity of fluidh thicknessoBlood viscosity dependent on amount of RBCs and proteinsRegulate Blood Flow by Regulating Arterole RadiusRegulation of radius of arterioles and small arteriesoVasoconstriction Decrease radius resistanceoVasodilation Increase radius resistancePulmonary circuit less resistance than systemicLower pressure gradient required for blood flowRelating Pressure Gradients and Resistance in the Systemic CirculationFlowDPRFlowcardiac outputCODPmean arterial pressureMAPRtotal peripheral resistanceTPRCOMAPTPRNeural Control of MAPNegative feedback loopsoDetectorbaroreceptorsoIntegration Centercardiovascular centers in the brainstem
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