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Chapter 12 (scored 92%)

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 2160

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Chapter 12 Muscle Physiology Skeletal Muscle StructureThe Mechanism of Force Generation in MuscleThe Mechanics of Skeletal Muscle ContractionTypes of Skeletal Muscle FibersSmooth and Cardiac MuscleMuscle FunctionsTypesFUNCTIONSo1 generate motiono2 generate forceo3 generate heatTYPESo1 skeletalo2 smootho3 cardiacStructure and Actions Skeletal muscle attached to bone by tendonsTension on tendons by muscles cause movement of the bonesAbuse of anabolic steroids increases muscle mass without corresponding increase in tendon strengthoGolgi tendon organs monitor tensionprevent excessive stretchingSeriesElastic ComponentNoncontractile tendons and connective tissue absorb tension as the muscle contractsTendons first must be pulled tight before the muscle contraction results in shorteningTendonsoHave elasticity resist distensionoDisplay recoilMuscle TerminologyGeneral TermMuscle equivalentMuscle cellMuscle fiberCell membraneSarcolemmaCytoplasmSarcoplasmModified ERSarcoplasmic reticulumStructure of a Skeletal Muscle 121Musclegroup of fasciclesMuscle fibers extend length of muscle from tendon to tendon
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