Ch 6 24 Endocrine Diabetes (got 93% on the test)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2160
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Chapters 6 2124 Endocrine SystemEndocrine FunctionsA single gland may produce multiple hormonesoEX Anterior pituitaryA single hormone may be made by more than one glandoEX Somatostatin stomach pancreas hypothalamusA hormone may have more than 1 targetresponse oEX testosteroneSome organs may be exclusively hormonaloEX Anterior pituitarySome organs produce hormoneshave other functions oEX Testes produce testosterone and spermMake a List of hormonesTargetWhere its madeFunctionsPrimary Endocrine OrgansHypothalamus and pituitary glandFig 62Pineal glandThyroid gland and parathyroid glandsThymusAdrenal glandsPancreasGonadsHypothalamus and Pituitary GlandHypothalamus in brainPituitary gland oAnterior lobe nose side fig 64oPosterior lobe fig 63InfundibulumHormones of Posterior PituitaryAntidiuretic Hormone vasopressin ADHoWater balance and osmolarityOxytocinomilk ejectionoparturitionolove hormoneoWomen have more receptors to oxytocinBlood Connection to Anterior PituitaryoPortal vessels link 2 capillary bedsoIn capillaries is where exchange occurs between blood and tissueoTropic Hormones Affect release of another hormoneReleasing hormonesInhibiting hormonesCommon Tropic Hormone PathwayHypothalamus secretes releasing or inhibiting hormone into capillary bedBlood with tropic hormones enters portal veinHypothalamic tropic hormones access anterior pituitary secretory cells through capillary bedsAlter release of anterior pituitary tropic hormonesAnterior pituitary tropic hormones enter bloodstream in same capillary bedTravel to distant endocrine gland to trigger release of hormoneAnterior Pituitary Hormones fig 65HormoneTarget ActionProlactinBreast Milk productionACTHAdrenal Cortex Release corticoidsGHBonesMuscles Growth in lengthmake somatomedinsTSHThyroid gland Release TT34LH Leydig cells Make testosteroneLH Follicle Ovulationmake progesteroneFSH Testes SpermatogenesisFSH Ovaries Maturation of ovamake estrogenControl of Hypothalamic Tropic Hormone ReleaseAll hormones from Anterior Pituitary are tropic EXCEPT ProlactinNeural inputHormonalnegative feedbackCircadian rhythmoSuprachiasmatic Nucleus of HypothalamusInternal clockFeedback Control Cortisol fig 67negative feedback loopTransport of HormonesHydrophilic hormonesoPeptides catecholamines
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