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BIOL 2160 Study Exam 3

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2160
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1Biology 2160Human Physiology Exam III 100 PointsDr William B StickleName ATrue or false 15 questions x 2 points each30 pointsWrite true on the line in front of each statement if it is true and false if it is incorrect1One adaptive advantage of saltatory conduction over conduction of an action potential along an unmyelinated axon is an increase in conduction velocity True 2The stimulus for the sensation of salty taste is Hions False Na H is for sour3The location of the maximum stimulation of hair cells along the length of the Spiral Organ of Corti determines the component of sound which is known as loudness False pitch 4The middle bone of the ossicular system in mans ear is the malleus False incus5Sound waves are transmitted from the ossicular system to the cochlea through a structure known as the vestibule False oval window6The visual pigment which decomposes on exposure to light and in doing so excites the optic nerve is rhodopsin True 7The maximum number of impulses that can be transmitted along a nerve fiber with an total refractory period of 5 milliseconds is 100 False 100052008Cells which are responsible for color vision are cone cells True9A variable aperture system of the eye is produced by a structure around the pupil known as the ciliary muscle False iris10The condition whereby the eye remains focused permanently at an almost constant distance is termed myopia False presbyopia11The structure in the human eye which is designed to focus an image on the retina is the lens True12The type of sensory receptor which detects pain usually caused by physical damage to tissues is classified as a nociceptor True 13Increased pressure in the vitreous humor which can destroy the retina is known as cataracts False glaucoma
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