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BIOL 2160 Study Exam 1

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 2160

11Dr StickleExam 1 Biol 2160100 PointsNameAMultiple Choice 80 points40 questions x 2 points each Select the letter representing the BEST answer for each question and fill in the appropriate circle on the answer key1 The type of intercellular junction which provides ionic and hence electrical continuity between adjacent cells in a tissue is an A Intercalated discB Tight junctionC DesmosomeD Gap junctionE None of the above2The tissue type of ligaments and tendons isA Loose connective tissueB Reticular connective tissueC Dense connective tissueD Elastic connective tissueE None of the above3The tissue which makes up most of the human body by weight isA NervousB EpithelialC ConnectiveD MuscleE None of the above4 The type of muscle which possesses dense bodies isA StriatedB VoluntaryC SmoothD CardiacE None of the above5 The layer of the integument which contains the Rete Cutaneum is theA Stratum BasaleB Stratum corneumC DermisD Subcutaneus layerE None of the above6 The thermostat for monitoring mans body temperature is located in theA DermisB HypothalamusC Skeletal muscleD Left ventricleE None of the above
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